And Then There Were Spiders

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon and Claire was tired after her yoga class. She’d been running ragged for weeks and learning several new yoga poses was something she had been looking forward to. Yoga classes were a quiet, positive time for her. While doing various asanas, she was able to meditate on the past week’s events and find center and balance in an otherwise hectic time.

She was putting her yoga mat away in the closet when a quick movement in the shadows caught her eye. She almost missed it, but then just as she was convincing herself that she must be seeing things, something moved again. Quickly, and in the shadows. She carefully pushed aside some of the coats and sweaters that were hanging in the closet. It was still dark, but she could definitely sense movement on the floor and along the back wall of the closet.

Claire stepped back to turn the hall light on and get a better look. With the bright light shining, she peered again into the closet and quickly let out a scream. There were hundreds–perhaps thousands–of spiders scurrying about inside the closet.

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