RAR and ZIP Compared

RAR and ZIP are two compression formats that are different. Both use LZ77, which replaces duplicate strings with pointers to the previous incident. Yet, RAR generally compresses better (at the cost of more memory) by using a larger sliding window, therefore, it is capable to point to older references

The main function of both applications would be to place many files, or an entire “tree” of folders and files, into one file for more convenient handling. (And take them out again later. )

It is generally simpler to give a single file that contains everything that an enormous group of individual files to someone. As well, both applications generally “compress” the files to make them take up less disk space

In earlier times when disks and bandwidth were smaller, this compression was the main attribute – it is usually somewhat less important as the grouping function now.

Until you particularly need a feature which is supported in only one of them (there are not many such), which one to use is a personal choice – you might discover one to be simpler or more suitable in relation to the other

Another difference is that ZIP is an open format but RAR is proprietary. ZIP compressors are free and open source. The RAR decompressor (unrar) is free, but the compressor isn’t.

The main difference is in the company driving the applications. WinZip and WinRAR are two different applications developed and sold by two different companies. They are both used to compact and enlarge file(s)

They both can enlarge both. ZIP and. RAR files (and other formats), but WinRAR can compress files in both formats whereas WinZip can just compact files in the. ZIP format.

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