The Menacing Stare of Phil

He waited patiently on the curb and watched the cars speed past. Woooosh! There went a red one. Whooosh! And then a green one. Time seemed to stop, if only for a brief moment as each vehicle slipped past his eyes as they lazily followed.

He thought back to the morning. The kids were eating cereal and milk and talking about their favorite game, Poptropica. He had remembered his own favorite games from his youth, but those were quaint by today’s standards: a cheap electronic football game from Mattel and an old and battered Atari 2600.

He looked up at the street again and was surprised. There, standing directly across from him was Phil. How long he had been there was a mystery. But the penetrating and menacing stare he wore spoke volumes. It was going to be a long afternoon.

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